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Design is not an added ‘expense’- it is an added ‘value'
(Sir Richard Rogers)

Modul8 is a factory-manufactured, modular building system, made from a selection of materials, which can be recycled. All designs are site- and client specific, thus different and suitable for the specific climate, local conditions, client’s budget, lifestyle, needs and taste.

Modul8 was created & developed by Strey Architects to elevate the profile of contemporary South African design and ingenuity among the South African public and abroad, bringing architect’s design and artisan standard workmanship to the masses. Modul8 fills the gap between cheap-nasty prefabrication and traditional building methods on site resulting in many cost and energy savings.

This specific house was designed and built to demonstrate the qualities, abilities and capabilities of the Modul8 building system. Small spaces (6mx6m) were optimised to its fullest potential, while still affording a sense of light, space and place. Various low maintenance materials were used to show what can be achieved through this building method. The ‘starter home’ can easily be adapted and expanded to suit a specific site, climate and the occupant or owner’s changing needs.

The house was put towards the middle of the site in order to be able to expand it in any direction in the future. The unit can be moved when becoming redundant or needed elsewhere. Very little inconvenience is caused to the owner or neighbours as little ‘damage’ is caused to the site because the entire house is manufactured off site in a factory. Only foundation works are done on site. Considerable saving results from short building periods, no interim interest, fixed cost agreements, the use of low maintenance materials, no removal of building rubble, little material wastage and proper insulation throughout, resulting in low heating and cooling costs.