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Timber House

Tap to select the previous period Next TIMBERHOUSE The homeowners for the stand in Midrand, Johannesburg has asked the architect to design a house of approximately 800m² for residential use. However, the challenge was to create a residential unit out of a particular timber construction method as done in Italy.  The principles of modular and
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House Cormallen Hill

CORMALLEN HILL An engineer, his wife and two teenage children, needed a home where the kids could stay on after finishing school and while at varsity, (and maybe even longer). They purchased a steep and relatively small site before appointing us as architects. There are beautiful views, over the roofs of the neighbors across the
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Koi House

KOI HOUSE The clients wanted a holiday home at the coast which they and their 60 Koi fish could move to when they retire. Animals, and the protection of the earth’s natural resources, was second on their list of ‘must-haves’. Strey Architects was presented with low lying stand at the end of a Cul-de-Sac,with views
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The Barn House

BARNHOUSE Building a home in Southdowns Estate in Irene ARCHITECT AND OWNER FRIEDRICH STREY to dream big and think even bigger. After many years of planning and hard work, THE HOUSE IS EVERYTHING HE COULD HAVE HOPED FOR. Southdowns Dairy Farm Estate is part of a 100 year old dairy farm just south of Irene,
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Loft House

Tap to select the previous period Next LOFTHOUSE Strey Architects were presented by a PIA & SAIA Award of Merit through finding unique & practical solutions to the tough challenge presented to them by this unique stand! A sub-divided pan-handle, in the leafy eastern Lynnwood suburb of Pretoria, presented us with quite a challenge! The
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Link House

Tap to select the previous period Next LINKHOUSE The architects were presented with a West facing stand with a large Stinkwood tree on the East boundary wall. It was decided to create a ‘courtyard’ type house with a living ‘wing’ to the South, a bedroom ‘wing’ to the North & a ‘Link’ between the two,
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Tube House

Tap to select the previous period Next TUBEHOUSE An elevated stand surrounded by South African versions of Tuscan presented an opportunity to rather focus on glimpses of nature between the other houses resulting in a ‘cubist’s’ home, framing views. ‘Tubes’ were utilized to ‘frame’ these views but also to act as sun-shade devices. Floating ‘railway
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House Eagle Heights

Tap to select the previous period Next HOUSE EAGLEHEIGHTS The project’s top priorities were privacy & security, as other estate dwellers will be roaming the bush around it and high-profile dignitaries will be visiting or even staying over. It is possible to design from edge-to-edge with no building lines, but this created it’s own challenges,
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