CapeL – Village Units

  With the principles of modular design and pre-fabrication. The modular units are used to play with blocks to create different spatial spaces on request of the clients brief.

M8 St Johann

    At 3300m above sea level & more than 150km round trip from the nearest hardware shop, it is no surprise that it is very difficult to build at Afriski ski & mountain resort! Add unskilled & non literate labour, four-seasons-a-day weather, temperatures as low as -20°C some winter nights & concrete freezing before
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M8 L’Alpe d’Huez

For the annual Decorex exhibition it was decided to showcase an example of three Modul8 units. The first is an entire module consisting of an open plan kitchen and lounge area with double glazed sliding doors opening up onto a deck. The second is a two-thirds bedroom unit and thirdly a third of a module
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M8 Loft Studio

The client wanted their mother-in-law to move in with them, but have a personal space of her own. Additional garage space was a priority as two teenage boys would soon park their own vehicles alongside the mother-in-law’s. To meet these needs, three Modul8 units were manufactured and added onto the existing home as a 66sqm
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M8 House Cloete

    Design is not an added ‘expense’ – it is an added ‘value’ (Sir Richard Rogers) Modul8 is a factory-manufactured, modular building system, made from a selection of materials, which can be recycled. All designs are site- and client specific, thus different and suitable for the specific climate, local conditions, client’s budget, lifestyle, needs
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M8 Parasite

  Modul8, is a factory- manufactured modulardesign solution. Their solution to our brief draws on their experience designing small and multifunctional spaces with Modul8, for which they won a Gold stand award at Decorex 2008. “In order for a small space to fulfil many different functions, one has to keep the interior as simple, sleek
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M8 ZipLine

  The longest, highest, kinkiest and fastest zipline not only in the southern hemisphere but also in the world.

M8 Backpackers

The new Backpackers was built at Afri-ski in Lesotho, reusing the old four 12m containers which made up the ‘old’ Backpackers & adding six new Modul8 units. During the construction process the old Backpackers could not be used, the new therefore had to be completed timeously to ensure that it was ready for the 2014
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