Casa del Padre

The amazing site allows the house design to optimize adjacency to a Nature Reserve on a “koppie” optimizing the views to the north. It is a modern and open house but with the use of some natural materials to let the house blend in with the nature, true to its surroundings. The house offers a
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Casa Mecano

  The young couple of professionals presented us with a brief to design a house with a style, something between industrial and ‘African’. The brief was interpreted by designing a steel frame structure, with non-load bearing light gauge steel walls & clad in places with local rock, woven between the posts of the portal frame
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Shard House

  It does not look like it at first glance, but the design is based on the principals of a Balinese pavilion, which is ideal for the sub-tropical climate of the North coast. Large expanses of double glazed sliding doors to the east and west of the living area, blurs the border between the inside
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The Hills Expo

Home Description Houses are made. Homes are created. The Hills 608 is elegantly perched atop the hill overlooking a valley of untamed green to the north and frames Pretoria’s distant nightlight on the western horizon.  As an extension of the hillside the structure gently arises from its landscape and curiously peeks onto the rest of
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Block House

It just seemed like the right thing to do. What do one design when faced with a golf estate with a fruit salad of ‘styles’ & ‘themes’ presented to you? One creates a tribute to Luis Barragan only without the colour. Barragan designed icons. We believe buildings should confidently blend in, rather than being pretentious,
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