Vogelfontein Clinic

In collaboration with COENG Consulting Engineers, Strey Architects were asked to design a clinic in Vogelfontein, Bethlehem. We had just more than a week to design a clinic in timber before they broke ground on site. It is a timber frame structure with timber ship-lap cladding designed so that panels can be constructed off site and erected
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Health Matters Hospital

A busy street lead to a courtyard building concept. The lawned courtyard creates a grassy and green haven from the traffic outside, resulting in a place where kids can play while the parents are visiting the doctor or having a coffee at the coffee bar. The grass also stops heat reflecting from an otherwise bare
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Transnet Gate House

  A very impractical street lane articulation, as well as a very uncomfortable ‘wendy’ hut had to make space for a new ‘modern era’ head office gate house for Transnet Rail Engineering. Creating an ‘icon’ as ‘landmark building’ made this an high impact project to reposition a brand in the ‘new’ South Africa. A pavilion
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Transnet Pattern Store

    Background The Patter Store was a space originally utilised to design, draw and  build prototype components for locomotive and train compartments which was the tested in the foundry next door. With the introduction of the computer the Pattern Store as such became redundant. Mechanical and electrical engineers were spread out all over the
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