M8 St Johann

    At 3300m above sea level & more than 150km round trip from the nearest hardware shop, it is no surprise that it is very difficult to build at Afriski ski & mountain resort! Add unskilled & non literate labour, four-seasons-a-day weather, temperatures as low as -20°C some winter nights & concrete freezing before
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The Barn House

              Southdowns Dairy Farm Estate is part of a 100 year old dairy farm just south of Irene, Pretoria. The architectural guidelines consequently requires a ‘farm’- or ‘Old Transvaal’ style aesthetic, which was interpreted in a contemporary way by Strey Architects. The vision of the architects were three fold:
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Loft House

            Strey Architects were presented by a PIA & SAIA Award of Merit through finding unique & practical solutions to the tough challenge presented to them by this unique stand! A sub-divided pan-handle, in the leafy eastern Lynnwood suburb of Pretoria, presented us with quite a challenge! The original house was
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Link House

        The architects were presented with a West facing stand with a large Stinkwood tree on the East boundary wall. It was decided to create a ‘courtyard’ type house with a living ‘wing’ to the South, a bedroom ‘wing’ to the North & a ‘Link’ between the two, hence the name of
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Tube House

An elevated stand surrounded by South African versions of Tuscan presented an opportunity to rather focus on glimpses of nature between the other houses resulting in a ‘cubist’s’ home, framing views. ‘Tubes’ were utilized to ‘frame’ these views but also to act as sun-shade devices. Floating ‘railway sleeper’ stair treads brings contrast to the stark
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House Eagle Heights

  The projects top priorities were privacy & security, as other estate dwellers will be roaming the bush around it and high-profile dignitaries will be visiting or even staying over. It is possible to design from edge-to-edge with no building lines, but this created it’s own challenges, like having to incorporate the gutters for rain
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Health Matters Hospital

A busy street lead to a courtyard building concept. The lawned courtyard creates a grassy and green haven from the traffic outside, resulting in a place where kids can play while the parents are visiting the doctor or having a coffee at the coffee bar. The grass also stops heat reflecting from an otherwise bare
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Casa del Padre

The amazing site allows the house design to optimize adjacency to a Nature Reserve on a “koppie” optimizing the views to the north. It is a modern and open house but with the use of some natural materials to let the house blend in with the nature, true to its surroundings. The house offers a
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