What is Modul8?

Modul8 was created to elevate the profile of contemporary South African design and ingenuity among the South African public and abroad. It is about time that South Africans and the rest of the world can own high quality 1st world design and workmanship. Our mission is to make great design spaces and objects available to
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10 Reasons why you should appoint an architect

“We believe that one cannot afford not to use an architect for every project”, says Friedrich Strey Taking into account the amount of referrals, returning clients and their comments on how comfortable their projects are to live and work in, Strey Architects have been largely successful in providing its clients with what they requested, while
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  What is ‘green’ or sustainable architecture? Good architecture is sustainable by its very nature. All good designs should incorporate ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ concepts in its essence. There are different definitions & interpretations for ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’, as well as many different aspects to the subject. In short there are 3 basic fields of sustainable
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