Architects strive to create comfortable and sensible spaces for all, whilst protecting the environment & the earth’s limited resources. It is our objective to create comfortable spaces to live, work- play, through creative design, by listening to the client’s needs. We at Strey Architects, optimize the natural elements of the site, local climatic conditions, through the use of passive design- and tried & tested sustainable design principals and try to protect the natural resources of the earth through the re-purposing existing buildings through recycling & utilizing existing materials and natural products where possible.

Strey Architects is an award winning practice with a fresh, original and honest approach to design. To us, every project is unique, and a specific understanding of the owner’s personal requirements and the characteristics of the site, is fundamental to every bespoke design. We keep ourselves informed of sustainable practices, modern technologies and the latest materials. This allows us to offer our clients knowledgeable and up-to-date guidance in their decision-making throughout the design and construction process. Design is a process of combining the architectural fundamentals of flow, space, light, form and aesthetics, with practicality and good value. We believe that the buildings that result enhance their natural- and built environment, and contribute to the occupant’s experience.


Strey Architects believe that buildings should be comfortable and functional. Structures can be sustainable whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. A building should speak to the passer-buy and the people who use it. A building should be a designer fit for the occupant, but also be flexible to change as the user, or the user’s needs might change. A building should last a long time and also be able to be recycled at the end of it’s useful lifetime. The earth’s resources are limited, but the amount of people increase day-by-day. Strey Architects believe in leaving the resources we enjoy on earth today, for the generations after us, to enjoy as well. We therefore always take cognizance of what we do when we conceive new projects. Strey Architects achieve this through implementing Passive Design & Sustainable Design principals by default in all our projects. Through research, experimentation & implementation, we have become a valuable source of information as ‘Green’ architects, as we have been practicing sustainable design principals for more than 20 years. We can also act as consultants on various ‘Green’ aspects for clients, other architects, exhibitions, seminars, etc..

Strey Architects believe in a clear design process from brief, concept & design development, through to detailing and making the building a reality. The design process starts with the client in debate with the architect, where the architect is instrumental in making the design a reality. A design should be guided by the function, interior or building as an object, although functionality can & must also be aesthetically pleasing. For architects to grow and be able to always improve their services, they always have to push the boundaries of design. Strey Architects have embarked on the development, and collaboration with companies which develop, build & erect pre-manufactured- and hybrid buildings, made form ‘alternative’ materials ranging from timber, Light Gauge Steel- (LGS) timber frames, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), pre-cast concrete planks or panels, and other ‘new’ technologies. There is no, ONE solution for different climatic zones, building types & cultures, & therefore believe that an off-site hybrid manufacturing process is the solution most of the time. We also cross use materials and ideas form other industries & trades also appropriate in the making of a building, lending strongly from the yachting- & boat manufacturing industry.

Finally Strey Architects believe that good design should be accessible to everyone and not only to the privilege and the rich. Strey Architects believe in the upliftment of the poor, uneducated, uninformed & under privileged, through the use of good architecture & design. Strey Architects believe that pre-manufactured construction methods and it’s proven cost- and/or time saving qualities, quality of workmanship and speedy means of delivery, is a means to provide the under privileged & inaccessible with good solid buildings of a high standard.


Born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Friedrich Strey earned a Bachelors of Architecture at the University of Pretoria in 1997, where he was often the top student of his class, and recipient of many prizes and awards, e.g the Corobrik Student of the Year Award for 3 years in a row. He is an awards winning architect of which, among many others, are a Merit Award for Architecture from the South African Institute for Architects (SAIA) & The Pretoria Institute for Architecture (PIA) for The Loft House, an Honorary Mention for Architecture from PIA for The Pattern Store for Transnet Rail Engineering. His designs have been featured on programs like Top Billing, Tuine & Tossels, Greentalk by Noleen, etc. and in magazines like Visi, Mens Health Living, Leading Architecture and many more. Friedrich Strey is passionate about ‘Green’ architecture, and spends a lot of his time researching, lecturing & writing articles on the subjects of sustainability in architecture & passive design principals. This knowledge is incorporating into all Strey Architects’ designs, to the obvious advantage of the client, end user and nature. Many conferences & exhibitions on building systems, methods & materials, sustainability, passive design technology has been attended in order to stay relevant & up to date with new technology & principals. He has lectured on pre-manufactured building systems & sustainability at trade shows and to architecture students at e.g. Decorex 2008 with Nosizo Sebake of the CSIR on the refurbishment of a brown-field building for Transnet Rail Engineering, to the University of Pretoria (UP) on principals utilized in The Barn House, etc. Friedrich Strey  was recently appointed as External Design & Sustainable Design Lecturer at the University of Pretoria: Department of Architecture for the Honours students in Architecture. Students-in-Training often works at Strey Architects to gain more insight in Design & Sustainability.

He is a hands-on architect, not afraid of experimenting and trying out new design principals, building methods and materials. His love for naval architecture is evident in his designs and the continuous use of sustainable- and passive design principals, as well as utilizing small spaces to the optimum, as portrayed in his final year thesis for his Bachelors in Architecture at the University of Pretoria in 1997 titled: ‘Student Housing for students in Naval Architecture’. From 2006, Friedrich has been instrumental in the development of a ‘good’ design orientated pre-manufactured building system, called Modul8, as no systems existed in South Africa at the time for the middle- to upper market, and none of any architectural importance in his opinion. Some of these principals were tested with great results at the University of Pretoria: Department of Structural Engineering, as well as the CSIR. His research, experimentation and use of these principals, qualifies him to act as a experienced & researched professional architect, as well as to consultant on various aspects of Design, Sustainable- & Passive Design, thermal insulation principals, modular & pre-manufactured buildings systems, building materials & details, etc., and implementation thereof.