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Our services can be divided into 6 or 7 work stages of the project, each with a percentage of the
total fee payable. The stages are as follows:


After receiving a letter of appointment & deposit as well as site and local authority documentation are reviewed, we sit with you and determine the Scope of the Work through examining your or your firm’s lifestyle and needs, estimated budget & site restrictions. We advise on what other professionals to be appointed and what the Scope & Budget should be in relation to each other. Questions on the Client/Architect Agreement are answered. The professional team is appointed.


All the available architectural personnel in practice, brain storm together on possible concepts within the Scope of Work & Budget, as many brains are better than one. The best of ideas culminates in a 3D block model prepared on our extensive intelligent 3D software, Autodesk Revit, to portray the scale of the structures in relation to each other & the stand, circulation, shadows structures cast on each other & areas between structures, views & focal points, etc. etc. We encourage interaction & participation by the client of the client want to take part.


More detailed computer generated and/or hand sketches, plans, elevations & 3D's are prepared to illustrate how we fulfill you or your firm’s lifestyle and needs. Changes made on paper are much cheaper than changes made on site. We include one or two exterior rendered 3D's and one interior 3D if so requested. We can also supply you with the computer generated 3D model and a Revit Viewer in order to study the design at your heart’s content. Extra rendered 3Ds and/or promotional material can be produced at an extra cost, if we are requested to do so. Most Home Owner Associations of Estates expects approval of the design at this stage. A rough estimate of the cost of the project should also be obtained from a Quantity Surveyor at this stage. The appointed engineer can examine the design at this stage in order to comment on structural sizes and comparative costs of the structure.

STAGE 4a/b

a. Local authority approval documentation are prepared and handed in for approval. The fee for this stage is payable on hand-in, as most of this stage is done by that time and the time it takes to be approved is mostly out of our hands. We do follow up regularly and try to ‘push’ the plans through though, and comply with reasonable requests by the local authority in order to obtain approval. A more accurate estimate form the Quantity Surveyor is possible at this stage. The engineer needs to provide a certificate to accompany the documentation, stating which parts of the structure and civil services he will be responsible for.

b. While local authority approval runs its course, we continue with construction documentation which includes detailed plans, sections & elevations for the contractor to build from. Further design documentation is prepared which includes door- & window schedules, finishing schedules, electrical layouts and further details. Your choices are critical at this stage, as the finishes chosen, is critical to the budget. The Quantity Surveyor prepares a accurate priced Bill of Quantities at this stage, which should be in line with previous estimates. If not, the finishes chosen are re visited or the budget is altered with your approval. The engineer prepares detailed structural- & civil drawings and associated costs for inclusion in the Bill of Quantities.


The documentation, mentioned in Stage 4b is sent to chosen potential contractors for them to tender a price to construct the project. Tenders received are examined & compared by the professional team and suggestions are made to you. Contracts for the appointment of the successful tender are provided to be signed between you (your firm) and them. The architect has to fulfill his duties and requirements as mentions in the JBCC 2000 building contract, which in essence means ensuring that the design is built as planned and the contractor is paid accordingly.


The Architect will inspect the final work of the project and list all the defects to be fixed to satisfaction as per drawings and finishes specification. The works will then be approved and all the relevant payment valuations and finalize the completion certificates. Prepare and produce operations and maintenance manual, warranties and guaranties. All as built drawings will be procured and documents and the architect will issue the completion of works certificate.

NOTE: Stages 1-3, 1-4a, 1-4b or 1-5 can be chosen.

If the architect is not appointed for Stage 5, then he/she can still be appointed to do certain inspection or consultations with the contractor and/or you when so requested, at an hourly fee, and/or to do a final inspection and compile a completion list, as well as making sure that all guarantees & Manuals are provided to you.